Well-known locksmith company recommends the best lock brands for security

Many people think that they know all about door locks and keys, but this is not the case. You should definitely take advantage of this free source of tips in the locksmith field to ensure that you will avoid serious mistakes and have the optimal level of security at all times.

Lights are key solutions

The KEY for home intrusion avoidance is to have durable locks and enough lights all around the house. It's not accidental that burglars choose to break-in from the side windows or back doors. These are the darkest parts of each house. Illuminate every corner of the yard and put extra lights in every entry point. It's the best method to discourage them according to our specialists.

Stolen keys?Change them

If you replace the stolen keys with keys identical to the original ones, you won't avoid burglaries. If the keys were intentionally stolen because the intruder knows your identity and address, he will just walk in your house even if you had the key replaced. In such cases, rekey the door locks. You will have a new key for it as well.

Maintain your car ignition key in good condition

Clean the plastic case and the shank with alcohol on a regular basis to protect them from dirt marks. If there's grime stuck around the buttons, remove it carefully with a tool which is not sharp. In case you discover rust on the shank, you can clean it with mild and safe rust remover or vinegar.

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