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Enjoy a useful and pleasant learning experience on this page with frequently asked questions in the locksmith industry. The questions cover a variety of important door security topics while the answers contain plenty of useful information on locks and keys which is easy to grasp. Let the reading begin now!

Is it hard to install locks?

Lock installation is never easy or wise to perform on your own. Even if you follow the instructions to the letter can never be fully sure of the results. You might also damage the door by drilling the wrong hole at the wrong part of the door. Besides, there are many differences among lock types. Trust our major experts!

Do I replace locks when keys are lost?

Lost house keys don't necessarily mean they are stolen but who can say with certainty? Still you don't have to replace the entire lock. It's sufficient to rekey it. With lock rekey, what you achieve is changing the configuration and getting a new key. So, even if someone attempts to break-in with the original key, they surely will fail.

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